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Don’t Yuck My Yum 돈역마염 T-Shirt in black. Inspired by vintage Godzilla and Tampopo Ramen posters. Limited quantities available. 

Product Details

• Mid-weight, stretchy fabric
• 100% cotton


• Fits true to size
• Designed for a loose fit
• l'm wearing size M (164 cm/ 5'5)


• Wash 40C
• Wash inside out
• Do not bleach
• Tumble dry low
• Do not iron.


• Ships within 10-12 business days of order
• International shipping available
• Tracking info will be emailed once the product has shipped
• All international customers are responsible for any custom/VAT fees that occur when the product arrives to your country

16 reviews for DYMY T-Shirt (Black)

  1. Tina

    I hope one day these shirts are in stock. I’m guessing they never were since this is the first review.

  2. Sarah Chen

    I havent gotten any merch yet! But I’d love for Christmas! I just feel like it’s so unfair for someone to come in here who hasn’t really bought it and post a 1 star review! Like come on, Tina. Do better! I love Dooby! She’s my inspiration!

  3. Kevin

    Tina that is not a good way to support her!

  4. Fred

    Like come on, Tina. One star because she hasn’t restocked, that’s selfish! Do better!

  5. Josh V.

    It’s not right for y’all to leave reviews on the product if you haven’t even purchased… y’all don’t understand that you can’t just get quality shirts printed on demand, she probably has to buy small batches in order to avoid huge overhead costs. I too hope to one day be able to get one, but I understand that there are reasons for her not restocking so far. Best to fulfill the orders you currently have before starting to sell more. Thanks for the awesome content, hopefully I can grab a shirt one day!

  6. Ricky

    Yeah! It’s not right to leave any review, even a 5-star, on a product you haven’t bought!

  7. Ronda

    The design on the back could be bigger

  8. Anonymous

    Wish I got 5 instead of one. They are so comfy and now I’d have to wash them to wear them again. Love the design!

  9. Tiffany

    Fred- not selling something and making money is selfish? Might be the dumbest review ever written. And Tina, yours is stupid, too. Reviews ought to be vetted and only posted when a purchase has been verified.

  10. Anon

    I wish the front design was smaller

  11. Anonymous


  12. Lophostrix

    Can’t get over the classy design, 10/10 on IGN <3

  13. Flo

    super comfy! it’s my favorite shirt, my boyfriend steals it from me all the time

  14. Ben R

    You guys gotta do better than leaving 1 stars on a product only because you couldnt get your greedy hands on it

    really comfy and reminds me of my childhood

  16. Gal Jerman

    Top site ,.. amazaing post ! Just keep the work on !

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